My name is Phillip Vitug, dancer, choreographer, owner of a Dance Studio, Dance Competition Company and the founder of Liberty Youth Ballet Company. Dance has given me so much in life that I wanted to share my experiences with others.
For the past 25 years I have been involved in something where I can be at peace and provide motivation in my life. Dance has given me direction & goals in life as well as teaching me how to understand myself.
When I dance I’m able to let go of all the negative emotion that develops in me.  Because when you’re dancing your body is dealing with you and not your mind… For example being judgmental, critical, scared, afraid, negative etc… Dance taught me how to control all that.  This is why I want to share my experience and expand the knowledge with the community and my students.

Last year Liberty Youth Ballet Company fed and gave gifts for Christmas to 2000 kids in the province of San Fernando, Launion. I never thought that this was possible. With all your volunteering and donations that’s what made it possible. I need your help again this year to encourage our community to support LYBC by just watching the show. One ticket can feed 3 kids. Our goal this year is to help their community to pay for their reading books, paper and pencils. Some kids can’t go to school because of these needs. Putting The Nutcracker production is a lot of work but this project I call the San Fernando Project motivates me everyday. Thank you so much for your time. Let’s make this years production positive and fun for our kids.

Thank you,
Mr. Phil Vitug

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Liberty Youth Ballet Company
6609 Royal Street, Suite 102
Pleasant Valley, MO  64068

 Liberty Youth Ballet Company (LYBC) is a non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status. LYBC was formed to provide our youth the experience of dance and its benefits without the worries of financial constraints.  LYBC is providing free ballet lessons to our company members from qualified teachers. LYBC will be providing master classes and workshops throughout the year. At LYBC there is no tuition required for LYBC Company members. We are thrilled that these children will have the chance to create and perform.  Dance gives our youth a positive outlet to express their emotions, and it teaches them skills such as discipline and teamwork.  Now these kids will experience this sense of accomplishment and the joy of performance, which ultimately leads to a healthy self-esteem. 

Thank you for your support in playing a part in touching the lives of our children. 
Liberty Youth Ballet Company will enhance the cultural and educational climate of our global community by providing an opportunity for urban and suburban youth to experience the arts through education and performance. 
Liberty Youth Ballet Company's mission is to utilize arts to inspire the creativity and artistry of our urban and suburban youth through training, performances, and volunteerism to develop social awareness focusing on the multi-cultural life of our global community. 
Purpose/Value Statement:
To build technical ballet skills.
To develop professional skills and work ethic.
To nurture artistic development.
To enrich ethical and responsible practices.
To broaden knowledge of ballet and the arts and the structure of a dance company.
To introduce students to world communities.
To serve to diverse communities through volunteerism.
To reflect on performing arts as an outreach and agent for social change. 

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